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Our CNC machining capabilities are perfect for every day tool building and part machining. We’re a full-service CNC machining division offering metal, plastic or ren cut models and tools. Our engineers can assist you with a variety of CNC machining solutions. With full tool building capabilities in-house we have the ability to expedite your tools to completion.

When it comes to CNC machining, there are many advantages for choosing this method over conventional machining. Our CNC machining solutions provide efficient, fast and precise production capabilities. Thus, ideal for producing large quantities. If you’re looking for a way to keep your costs and maintenance needs low, look no further than our CNC solutions.

High Precision CNC 5-Axis And 3-Axis

Our 3-axis and 5-axis CNC machines are high-precision machines capable of executing complex movements and cuts. While 3-axis machines allow for a robust assortment of movements, our 5-axis machines are the best CNC machine available. With two additional axes, they are capable of creating very intricate parts for a number of industries. 

The type of machine you should choose for your project will depend on your unique product requirements. Blue Water is here to help—we’ll go over your necessary checklist along with your budget and timeline and decide which machine is right for your needs.



Production Quality EDM

Our EDM services are critical when it comes to complex tool building. EDM allows us to execute complex and intricate part geometries. With this service, thinner walls are possible, we’re able to cut internal corners with smaller radii and cut thinner slots into extrusion dies. This process produces high-aspect ratio pockets and non-round openings and cavities.

EDM is a very popular machining method because it allows for cutting high-precision components at a lower cost. With their high accuracy and ability to create good surface finishes, these machines are designed to produce without any distortion. From complex shapes to tiny holes, our EDM services can do it all.

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