Industry Applications

At Blue Water Tooling, our extensive experience has enabled us to collaborate across a variety of sectors. Whether you're part of the burgeoning Electric Vehicle (EV) sector or the competitive medical field, Blue Water provides the high-grade materials essential for any project.

Automotive & EV

With a long history of providing quality services to Detroit automakers, Blue Water Tooling is your trusted partner for automotive tooling.

Within the automotive industry, Blue Water’s ISO-9001 certification means we are dedicated to delivering top-tier, precision-crafted solutions for EV manufacturing. Every day, we produce an assortment of robust, reliable components critical for EV safety and performance, ranging from battery enclosures to interior panels. We provide proper tooling for our automotive and EV clients so they can craft high-quality products that boost consumer confidence.

Consumer Goods

In the dynamic and rapidly evolving consumer goods market, precision tooling companies must stay abreast of the latest innovations. A partnership with Blue Water Tooling gives you the tooling team you can trust so your product design is faithfully executed and made with uniform quality.


In the medical field, precision in manufacturing is non-negotiable. Minor flaws can impair functionality and safety, leading to potential health and business risks. At Blue Water Tooling, we outfit medical manufacturers with top-grade materials and stringent production protocols so they can produce dependable, long-lasting, and biocompatible medical components that meet strict health and safety regulations. Find out more about our medical application manufacturing solutions today.

Quality Tooling Services