About Us

As part of the Blue Water Group, Blue Water Tooling recognizes that our clients face critical needs in terms of quality and prompt delivery. Leveraging our rich experience and keen eye for detail, we stand out as a preferred partner for your tooling projects. With a client-centered approach, we are always expanding and introducing new divisions and services to ensure the provision of superior tools and components.


Our goal is to offer superior quality tooling services to our clientele, striving to be at the forefront of the industry through innovative, tailored solutions and an outstanding track record in customer satisfaction.


We envisage our ability to innovate in the manufacturing realm as vast and boundless as the Great Lakes' horizon, with depth matching the waters below. We continuously broaden our horizons and enrich our expertise in creating bespoke manufacturing solutions.


As an American entity, Blue Water Tooling is guided by core principles: honesty, integrity, strong work ethic, and entrepreneurial spirit. These values are reflected in the caliber of our work and our interactions with clients.

Our Network of Services

At Blue Water Tooling, a subsidiary of Blue Water Group, we have decades of experience meeting the rigorous quality and timing demands of our clients.

Our Team

At Blue Water, the pressing need for quality and punctuality is something we navigate daily. Our vast experience and focus on detail make us the perfect choice for your tooling requirements. We constantly innovate and grow our departments and services to ensure the provision of exceptional tools and components.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring the successful completion of your project, from inception to finalization.

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