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Tooling & Manufacturing Services

Blue Water Tooling is a fully certified provider of comprehensive tooling services. We handle low and high volume production, service, and prototype projects of any scale. We’ve been helping our clients transform their concepts into tangible products for more than 17 years. Find out what our tooling capabilities can do for you!

Steel & Aluminum Tooling

We can manufacture tooling components in a wide array of steel and aluminum. Read more on our metal tooling page.

Mold Making

We specialize in fabricating steel and aluminum molds for diverse applications. Our skilled team can craft essential and complex components for your low and high volume production and prototype needs, and we can also accommodate requests for tighter tolerances.


Complete with 3 and 5-axis, our CNC machining capabilities can handle almost any kind of product design. We’re a full-service CNC machining division offering metal, plastic, or ren cut models and tools.


With plenty of experience producing check fixtures for all phases of production and prototype processes, we can help with all of your check fixture needs.

Our Story

Blue Water Tooling has been delivering outstanding tooling services, prototyping, and tool making in the Detroit area for over 17 years. Our services, including design, CNC machining, EDM, tool creation, and tooling services, are all managed in-house. This approach sets us apart by allowing for greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness than more decentralized operations.

Our all-internal processes also enable us to handle uniquely customized projects and offer flexible customer service. With comprehensive and precise services backed by exceptional customer support, Blue Water is your go-to tooling partner.

Molding Services

Blue Water also provides premium injection molding services. Visit our molding website for more insights!

CMM Machine Quality

Commitment to Quality

We are proud holders of the ISO-9001 certification, affirming our high production standards and outstanding customer satisfaction.

Diverse Industries Served

Our tooling solutions cater to a broad spectrum of industries, from automotive to specialized consumer products. Get in touch to learn how we can assist you.

Quality Tooling Services