Prototype Injection Molding

Blue Water Molding can produce parts for all your prototyping needs, even for highly customized projects. Our plant in Port Huron, MI, runs 33-400 ton presses, and our calibrated molding processes and fully integrated divisions allow us to quickly and accurately take your design from prototype to functional product. Having complete in-house operations means we can quickly and efficiently respond to any issues and save you valuable process time.

Prototyping Molding

We schedule prototype and service runs for any machine. Usually 1-2 week turnaround for parts off your existing tool. If you need tooling, submit a request and we will get a quote with Blue Water Tooling for full service prototyping.

  • Experience in most thermoplastics. High heat exotic materials too.
  • Facilitates process validation, mirroring full-scale production, and allows rapid production of multiple iterations
  • Ensures consistent quality and is scalable to mass production, with the ability to integrate colors and textures directly into the prototype.

Applications Of Prototyping

Prototype injection molding is used across various industries due to its ability to produce precise, functional prototypes quickly. Some common applications include:

  • Automotive: Designing parts like dash panels, light covers, and interior components for testing and validation before mass production.
  • Medical: Creating components for medical devices, such as casings for monitors, syringe pumps, or inhalers, which require stringent quality and precision.
  • Consumer Electronics: Developing prototypes for parts of gadgets such as smartphone cases, laptops, and remote controls, allowing for fit and function testing.

Equipment List

When you work with Blue Water Molding, you get the benefits of our outstanding and innovative molding operations:

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