Your Trusted Production Molding Partner

Blue Water is a full-service machining and molding company that consolidates design, CNC machining, EDM, tool creation, and injection molding within one facility. With this integrated approach, we offer a production molding service that is both comprehensive and responsive, with continuous quality assurance opportunities.

We have plenty of experience creating molds for the automotive, medical, and general manufacturing sectors, and we’re also capable of machining specific parts for niche industries, from aerospace and defense to sustainable energy. Contact us today and see how we can leverage our integrated divisions and engineering experience to create your next great product!

Advantages to Production Molding

When developing a product, you typically have several manufacturing options from rapid prototyping to injection or rotational molding and more, but productiong molding excels at:

  • High Volume production runs without limiting the quality
  • Complex designs with a good surface finish
  • Working with a variety of materials while being cost effective

Applications of Production Molding

The highly reliable quality from production molding makes it well suited for industries with high-standards.

  • Utilize production molding within the automotive industry for consistant results when creating things like headlights or fenders.
  • Production molding is ideal for the medical industry when manufacturing things like test tubes, plastic face masks and more.
  • The construction industry regularly uses injection molding for things like windows and piping as well as for creating tools used in the industry like handheld power tools.

Equipment List

When you work with Blue Water Molding, you get the benefits of our outstanding and innovative molding operations:

Injection Mold Machines

Quality Tooling Services