Injection Molding

Get your next product ready for market with expert injection molding services from Blue Water Molding take your design

Production Molding

Blue Water Molding will run all volumes of production using our machines from 33 to 400 ton at our Port Huron production facility . Our Port Huron production facility can handle 33-300 ton presses.

You can expect consistency in quality when it comes to our production molding. Our injection molding process has the largest variety of surface textures and colors available.

Prototype Molding

Get high-precision prototypes by working with Blue Water Molding's expert team. Our ISO-9001 certification  guarantees that each prototype meets global standards for quality, reducing risks and increasing customer confidence in the final product's performance and reliability.

Equipment List

When you work with Blue Water Molding, you get the benefits of our outstanding and innovative molding operations:

Injection Mold Machines

Quality Tooling Services